posted by: Poet's Cove Resort & Spa on: February 12, 2017
Get your coffee fix on Pender Island

In the city, people often to rely on a caffeine fix to propel them through their hectic day. On Pender Island, we like to slow down, take moments to relax and space to breath — but that doesn’t mean we don’t like our coffee just the same! Instead of coffee-fueled work meetings or jostling to-go cups on public transit, check out these 3 ways to get your coffee fix on Pender Island. Here, you can sip your coffee with a leisurely read, or take a warm drink to-go for a walk on the beach:
Evocative of trendy, modern coffee shops in a downtown core, this cafe and restaurant brings the hip menu and clean aesthetic of a bustling city to Pender’s laid-back Island scene. Coffee + Kitchen calls its concept “modern farm to table”, and focuses on local, healthy ingredients. Their artisan style espresso bar featured Fernwood Coffee Company beans, roasted in Victoria, BC. Looking for a treat to go with your coffee or tea? Coffee + Kitchen’s high quality snacks are made without white sugar, chemicals, or other preservatives, and most baking is done onsite. 
If you’re looking for the quintessential, laid back BC Island experience, look no further than Slow Coast Coffee. True to its name, this cozy spot is inviting and unpretentious. Bring a newspaper or an old friend, and take your time catching up over good, simple coffee. If you’re looking to spice things up a little, try their homemade chai, or order up a dosa — a South Asian treat comprised of a lentil-flour crepe filled with mild curries. 
Made right on our beautiful island, Moonbeans Coffee Roaster is a socially responsible, environmentally conscious, community minded roaster. Their blends are made with orgranic, fair trade coffee beans, roasted in small batches and hand packaged, with rich notes of smoke, chocolate, caramel and wine. On Pender Island, you can buy Moonbeans coffee at Tru Value Foods and the Pender Store. All of our rooms at Poet’s Cove include a coffee maker, so you can sip on this rich local roast from the comfort of your cozy bed or ocean-view balcony. 
These great cafes will keep your caffeine buzz going until our own Moorings Cafe opens at Poet’s Cove in May 2017, offering espresso coffees, baked goods, and ice cream. Until then, there are still plenty of onsite dining options at Aurora and Syrens Bistro and Lounge. Caffeine fiends are welcome here at Poet’s Cove Resort & Spa — to book your room just click here or call 1-888-512-POET. 
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